ODYSSEE Environnement is founded. On the strength of its founders’ experience in the water sector, the company develops many product ranges in its very first year:

That same year, ODYSSEE Environnement starts treating cooling towers with a biodispersant (ODYZYME), with the goal of containing the development of biofilm, in order to halt the spread of microorganisms like legionella. At this point, the innovation is already able to reduce the use of biocides by 30%. 15 years later, this practice would become a regulatory requirement.


ODYVAP VA30 is the first product for steam boilers to comply with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which governs the use of products in agrifood industries (CFR, Title 21, § 173.310).

ODYSSEE Environnement is the first company to use ATP testing (which quantifies bacterial activity and the presence of biofilms in water) on cooling towers in order to measure the effectiveness of ODYZYME products (biodispersants) and the success of their disinfecting action.


ODYSSEE Environnement creates ODYPURE, its own range of scale inhibitors,cleaners (acids, bases and disinfectants) and preservatives for reverse-osmosis membranes.

In parallel, ODYSSEE Environnement develops other new products: ODYREF A52, ODYREF A55, ODYZYME NSIP and ODYTHERM IF580.


ODYSSEE Environnement creates ODYZONE, a next-generation, eco-friendly disinfecting unit for the complete biocidal treatment of cooling circuits. The purpose of ODYZONE is to continuously disinfect water, in order to guarantee the total bacteriological safety of a cooling circuit.

As a complement to ODYZONE, ODYSSEE Environnement invents the only ozone-resistant product available on the market, ODYREF A56, which features scale-inhibiting, anti-corrosion properties and boasts an integrated biodispersant (ODYZYME). The effectiveness of that product’s anti-corrosion action in the presence of ozone has been certified by the Corrosion Institute in Brest.


ODYSSEE Environnement creates ODYREF A91, the first anti-corrosion product with an integrated biodispersant for cooling towers supplied with aggressive water (< 10 ppm CaCO3).

ODYTHERM IF550 is the first universal productfor closed circuits. It clears out clogs and allows for the preventive treatment of multiple materials.


ODYSSEE Environnement confirms its front-running position, as its ODYVAP range of products for steam boilers is guaranteed to be CMR-freeand, therefore, non-carcinogenic.


ODYS ECS, a new range of scale-inhibiting, anti-corrosion products for domestic hot water, receives a technical assessment from the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) approving the use of those products for treating water systems inside buildings.


ODYSSEE Environnement signs its first contracts for the European distribution of its solutions !


ODYVAP VA30, which had been the first product for steam boilers to comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations in 2007, receives G6 certification from NSF, meaning the product can be used to treat steam boilers whose output comes into direct contact with food.

In parallel to the sale of its products, ODYSSEE Environnement offers its clients a range of specific equipment :


ODYSSEE Environnement creates ODYSECURE, an original software application designed to continuously and automatically verify system safety.


Within its first year, ODYSECURE is installed at its 100th factory.


ODYSSEE Environnement offers its clients the chance to completely digitalize their circuits with ODYGLOBAL, which includes ODYSCOPE’s digitalization of field operations performed by a sales representative and ODYSECURE’s digitalization of sensor field readings.


After 13 years of R&D, ODYSSEE Environnement releases a major innovation in the form of ODYLIFE, the first 100% biosourced scale inhibitor.


ODYS ECS 100, an anti-corrosion scale inhibitor for domestic hot water receives a technical assessment from the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) confirming that the combined use of ODYS ECS 100 with the ODYSECURE automated monitoring system has halved the number of inspections required each year to ensure a system’s safety, from the usual four to a mere two.


ODYSSEE Environnement creates the ODYGEO range to treat medium- and high-enthalpy geothermal systems.

ODYSSEE hits the milestone of 500 factories monitored by ODYSECURE. Digitalization also boosts water and energy efficiency, along with the longevity of the systems entrusted to ODYSSEE.