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Choosing ODYSSEE Environnement means taking action for ethical water performance. Treatment solutions that combine industrial excellence with water sobriety really are possible! Our actions are guided by hydroethics: we design and produce comprehensive solutions capable of improving performance levels while conserving the essential resource that is water. Discover our innovations, each one designed and manufactured in Requeil, France.


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Water treatment at ERENA, a subsidiary of Engie Solutions


We share our hydroethical approach to water with more than 8,500 manufacturing and operating clients in France alone.

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Saving water and ensuring the safety of
your facilities by means of a
sustainability strategy

Since 2006, ODYSSEE Environnement has been helping organizations around the world adopt sustainability strategies and reconcile water, ecology and performance.

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I’m looking for a comprehensive solution to save water and energy for…

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I want to oversee and secure water networks in real time for…

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I’m looking for a durable, certified and greener solution to help meet the UN SDGs for…

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I want to lower water consumption by 10% for…


The best service at a fair price:
ODYSSEE Environnement is reinventing the
water treatment market

We get paid out of the savings we help you achieve. Never more, often less.

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Creation of a new water distribution line

More than a 50% reduction in water usage with a 100% cleaning effect

After changing its production techniques, the client no longer had any raw water in direct proximity to its cooling towers, the plant’s water loop having switched to reverse-osmosis water.

Type of system

Tour Aeroréfrigérante ouverte


Haussimont, France

District heating system

Treated using conventional agents, this 5,000 m3 (1.3-million-gallon) closed network ended up getting clogged. The rollout of our ODYTHERM FS510P solution, combined with an appropriate treatment and operating methodology, was able to stabilize a network with substantial deviations, eliminating all of its issues.

Type of system

Circuit fermé


Ile-de-France Region, France

Industrial food plant

Gas usage: -8.7% Water usage: -9.2%

ODYVAP VA30 not only protects systems against corrosion but also reduces water usage by decreasing the need for purges and gas usage by offering a better heat exchange.

Type of system

Chaudière vapeur


Pays de la Loire Region, France

Calculate your steam boiler’s potential water and energy savings

Get an estimate in 3 quick steps

Across the globe, we work on a multitude of systems (hot/cold closed circuits, cooling towers, steam boilers, process water, domestic hot water, water treatment plants and geothermal networks).

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% / generated steam

With ODYSSEE Environnement, you could save at least

Reduction in energy usage
Reduction in water usage
Reduction in CO₂ emissions
Total savings in€

We get paid out of the savings we help you achieve. Never more, often less.

In a shared performance plan, we will work together to define a water treatment strategy tailored to your industrial and environmental performance needs, industrial environmental according to the precept of billing based on the actual savings you achieve.

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ODYSSEE Environnement continuously
innovates for the ethical performance
of industrial water

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lower environmental

ODYLIFE is concrete proof that it is possible to achieve sustainable, truly green industrial water treatment without using petrochemicals.
After 11 years of research and development, ODYSSEE can now offer this unique alternative, which is as effective as it is sustainable, and which delivers superior performance compared to an equivalent dose of petrochemical-based products.

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