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ODYSSEE’s expertise is brought to the table to address every industrial issue involving water, treating systems, making them safer and optimizing their performance levels.

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Make your systems safe through digitalization

Cutting-edge technology ODYSSEE Environnement has developed systems like our ODYSECURE software, which analyzes a system’s water circuits in real time. The goal is to anticipate situations that could lead to a shutdown of the network and to determine how much energy the site uses, in order to continuously improve industrial performance without increasing the site’s […]

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Change your water treatment practices without changing your equipment

Making a more responsible choice doesn’t always mean more restrictions !

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Use alternatives to petrochemical solutions

Our goal is to establish lasting compatibility between industrial excellence and water conservation by offering reliable, effective alternatives to conventional petrochemical-based solutions.

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Take action in urgent situations

Bacterial threats, reduced output, malfunctions and more: detailed, customized solutions are available to remedy all of these situations.

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Sell ODYSSEE’s solutions

The ODYSSEE Team network sells ODYSSEE’s solutions and innovations around the world. If you want to join the network and become an ambassador of hydroethics, you’ve come to the right place.

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Reduce your water and power usage and your carbon footprint

It’s possible to use less water and still achieve at least the same industrial performance levels! We are committed to reducing our clients’ footprints… and their water bills.

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Shrink your water and environmental footprints with hydroethics

Our strategy of continuous innovation aims to reconcile performance with environmental conservation. This ethical performance is our company’s mission.

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