The history of ODYSSEE Environnement
started in 2006
with five industrial
water treatment experts

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An adventure launched by a new professional conviction

ODYSSEE Environnement c’est avant tout une histoire d’entrepreneurs, réunis par une conviction forte autour de l’eau et son traitement dans l’industrie.

The company’s founders met at a water treatment firm, where they started talking about a hydroethical approach.

In 2006, when that company was sold to a bigger group, Laurent Ballu, Fabrice Chaussec, Dominique Jai, Jérôme Mougel and Marc Nardelli created ODYSSEE Environnement, with the support of Yves Mougel and Laurent Verdier, ODYSSEE’s very first shareholders.

Ever since, the company has continued to grow, mostly recently with the acquisition of Aquadylle, our longstanding distributor near Toulouse, in late 2023.

A magnetic story on every continent

Since 2006, out of an awareness of the environmental challenge of water footprints in industry, ODYSSEE Environnement has been committed to attracting complementary profiles, in order to devise a series of solutions and services targeting ethical water performance and covering training, innovation, production, distribution, etc.

100 people

Today, our field, lab, R&D, production, export and administrative teams employ a staff of close to 100 people around the world


Thanks to our distribution partners and our subsidiaries ODYSSEE Mexico, ODYSSEE Chile and ODYSSEE Benelux, ODYSSEE now has a presence in more than 30 countries

20 percent

More than 20% of ODYSSEE’s employees are also shareholders. In fact, all of our shareholders are ODYSSEE hydroethicists.

Innovation at the heart of our hydroethical approach

ODYSSEE Environnement is rethinking water treatment as a whole: our teams invent, produce, suggest and roll out ever more innovative solutions for optimizing how water is used.

Our entrepreneurial history directly connects ODYSSEE to the first generations of film-forming agents. Now a leader in that technology, ODYSSEE is on the fifth generation of this innovation. ODYSSEE’s film-forming agents are exported around the world to protect metal from the effects of corrosion, while reducing the concentration of active ingredients in water, because the amines deposit a protective coating on the surfaces of water networks.

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The compounds used in our fifth generation have an even lower environmental impact but are actually even more effective.