What if you dedicated your talent and expertise to advancing ethical water performance?

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Strengths behind
ODYSSEE Environnement


ODYSSEE Environnement is a well-organized, growing company that enjoys national and international recognition.
(* as of September 30, 2023)

30 countries

Thanks to our distribution partners and our subsidiaries ODYSSEE Mexico, ODYSSEE Chile and ODYSSEE Benelux, ODYSSEE has a presence in more than 30 countries.

20 percent

More than 20% of ODYSSEE’s employees are also shareholders. In fact, all our shareholders are ODYSSEE hydroethicists.

90 people in france

Today, our field, lab, R&D, production, export and administrative teams employ a staff of more than 90 people in France.

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Our hydroethical approach goes hand in hand with the strong values that drive ODYSSEE’s mission: humanity, innovation, responsibility, professionalism and high-quality customer service

When you become a part of our teams of hydroethicists, you are joining a dynamic group project that invites you to take an active role in effecting lasting change in how industry manages water.

At ODYSSEE, we place special emphasis on continuing education, so we can provide ever better responses to our clients’ expectations and needs. As a result, you will receive training on arrival, but also throughout your adventure in hydroethics.


Here at ODYSSEE, there’s a place for every kind of experience

To apply for one of our current job openings, please submit your application using the form you will find at the bottom of each vacancy page and attach a resume explaining your past work experience and education. If necessary, you can also write to us at

We would also welcome a cover letter outlining your motivation for joining our teams, as well as your understanding of ODYSSEE and our mission.

Following this initial contact, we will get back to you, to discuss the next steps in the application process.

During our first interview

In addition to your punctuality and the usual introductory information, we are interested in anything that will help us understand your motivation for joining our team: how you will be able to fulfill the job’s duties, what it is about ODYSSEE that attracted you to us, which of the company’s core values you identify with most, any points that we can clarify together, and so on.

Be sure to bring your questions!

Taking action together for
ethical water performance

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