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I want to be able to prevent risks at my site
using the latest cutting-edge technology

We work on all kinds of systems, conserving your
resources without changing your internal processes.

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Because water management has become an industrial performance issue, ODYSSEE Environnement developed original technology that provides a simplified, comprehensive way to verify system safety and anticipate any risks.

Why do we start with a
thorough audit of your networks?

During this kind of comprehensive assessment, our hydroethicists identify
your system’s risk points and the treatment needs of your system,
your heat and cold generating units, your water network, and their emitters.

The cost of scaling

1 mm of limescale

can cause a 7.5% increase in the energy consumed by a piece of equipment

The cost of corrosion

5,5 tons of metal

are destroyed every second by corrosion

The dangers of bacterial growth

1,897 cases of Legionnaires’ disease in France in 2022

Legionella bacteria spread most in hot water, posing a risk of severe pneumonia when inhaled, which can be prevented by inspecting and cleaning your systems

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ODYSECURE for results that
speak for themselves!

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3 cooling towers

99.2% positive results  

The addition of ODYREF A56 to a biocidal treatment program controls the risk of legionella, while respecting Florette’s environmental commitments.

Type of system

3 tours aéroréfrigérantes : EVAPCO



We share our hydroethical approach to water with more than 8,500 sites in France alone.

Optimize your network
performance in the long term

To plan ahead for the network disruptions that are naturally caused by water,
ODYSSEE’s hydroethicists developed a series of active ingredients that
prevent issues associated with process water and that optimize network
performance in the long run.


Prevent any scale-related problems that diminish heat exchanges


Eliminate all bacterial risks, to ensure that networks operate at peak performance levels


Take action to combat corrosion, which accelerates system wear and tear

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Manage and secure your water networks in real time

ODYSSEE Environnement has developed original technology
that provides a simplified, comprehensive way to verify
system safety and anticipate any risks.

ODYSECURE was designed to adapt to any type of water circuit,
regardless of which brand of sensors you use.

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