Taking action in urgent situations:

Scaling, corrosion, sludge, disinfection, etc.

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In our industry, some situations demand
an immediate, rapid and effective response

Bacterial threats, reduced output, malfunctions and more:
solutions that blend technical expertise with
environmental results are available to remedy these alarming situations.

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Disinfecting water networks to prevent Legionnaires’ disease

Regulations set out strict rules to combat the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. In the event of contamination, decisions and corrective actions must not be taken lightly, as the network’s operations as a whole are often at stake. In these urgent situations, ODYSSEE will deploy a full range of active ingredients and processes designed to eradicate the bacterial risk and will assist you by offering comprehensive solutions for bringing your system back into compliance once the crisis is over.

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Declogging water circuits

Sludge naturally develops in circuits that contain hard water, especially in the case of hot water. It can quickly obstruct pipes and cause malfunctions or even lead to the shutdown of whole systems.

For an emergency declogging of water circuits, ODYSSEE’s expertise can be put to work in the form of a range of cleaning solutions that take immediate effect.

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Restoring lost productivity

Loss of output, increased energy and water consumption, and fouled filters are all important indicators of reduced equipment productivity that should not be ignored.

As part of the work done by ODYSSEE’s teams of hydroethicists, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify any vulnerable areas and suggest solutions to give your water circuits a deep cleaning and restore their lost productivity.

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Tailored solutions with results
that speak for themselves!

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Declogging of a closed network (at a shopping mall)

99% of iron oxide was eliminated

Declogging of a closed network. In under 2 years, corrosion had progressed within the mall’s closed network until it reached the maximum limits: more than 99 ppm of iron and a safety valve that eventually gave way, requiring an urgent repair.

Type of system

Système HVAC – dry cooler



We share our hydroethical approach
to water with more than
8,500 industrial sites in France alone.