Our commitments that guarantee a decrease in your water footprint

Ethical water performance means optimizing the operation of systems that require water (closed hot and cold circuits, cooling towers, steam boilers, geothermal energy, district heating systems, etc.), in order to boost their performance levels while shrinking the industrial site’s water footprint and treatment costs.

This comprehensive approach to water usage allows us to affect the various footprints associated with a site’s industrial activities.

Water footprint

The systems that we roll out lower water consumption without reducing industrial performance levels.

Environmental footprint

We prioritize solutions that are more respectful of ecosystems: biosourced, petrochemical-free, less aggressive, etc.

Energy footprint

Our water treatments optimize water circulation and heat exchanges which, in turn, reduces energy consumption.

Carbon footprint

By cutting down on the resources employed for proper system operations, when manufacturing our products, while rolling them out at the site and throughout ODYSSEE’s support.

Reducing consumption levels and water bills

Scaling, corrosion and bacterial growth pose challenges for industrial productivity, as well as financial results. The problems associated with industrial water have a value.

  • 1 mm of scale build-up in a water system consumes 7.5% more energy, and 12 mm of scale consumes 70% more energy.

  • Scale in industrial networks costs the world economy $27 billion per year (due to a combination of the poor thermal conductivity of scaled surfaces and the cost of descaling).

  • Every second, 5.5 tons of metal is destroyed by corrosion around the world.

  • A bacterial problem in a water network can shut down an entire site, generating substantial, unrecoverable costs.

  • A clogged district heating system can lead to 35% higher energy usage.

Our approach : A combination of the best actives and the right tools

A comprehensive solution can be defined for every industrial water circuit. That solution will include scale-inhibiting, anti-corrosion, biocidal and biodispersing agents.

The best products

The result of 15 years of chemical innovation, for solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

Chemistry | Physical chemistry | Green chemistry

The right tools

As a complement to our treatment solutions, we have a range of equipment and tools, approved by our teams, to use at your site.

Technology | IT | Reporting | Monitoring

ODYSSEE’s approach optimizes the performance of each site and extends the lives of its equipment, while keeping costs under control.

How much can you save by having ODYSSEE Environnement treat your site(s) ?

Just ask. Our teams of hydroethicists can tell you !