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ODYSSEE Environnement continuously innovates for the ethical performance of industrial water

Hydroethics is inherently linked to the process of pursuing ever more principled solutions, to achieve industrial water performance that conserves both that resource and the environment. Every year, 6-7% of our revenue goes to our Research & Development Department, keeping ODYSSEE a step ahead of the rest of the market.

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A fundamental role

Since its creation, ODYSSEE has been built around innovative solutions developed by our teams. The primary objectives of our hydroethical researchers include offering alternatives to chemicals synthesized from petroleum and demonstrating that effective, environmentally neutral water treatment is, indeed, possible.

Alternatives to petrochemicals

In less than 15 years, ODYSSEE’s hydroethicists developed alternatives to
petrochemicals for the main issues related to industrial water usage.

Functional solutions

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Continuous monitoring & optimization of water networks with ODYSECURE

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ODYLIFE, the first 100% biosourced scale inhibitor

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Protection of geothermal sites with fifth-generation film-forming amines

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Prevention of bacterial risks without using petrochemicals

100% invented and made in France