Taking action for ethical water performance

Working to serve manufacturers for more than 15 years now, we dedicate our water treatment expertise to guaranteeing high-performing systems by optimizing their water and environmental footprints.

Our mission, enshrined in our by-laws, stems from the observation that there is an urgent need to restore balance between water, industry and the environment.

Restoring balance between water, industry and the environment

Without water, industry would grind to a halt.

Water is a vital resource for expanding our domestic, agricultural and industrial business lines.

People need water for heating, cooling and physical activity. And this resource is increasingly necessary in all sectors of industry: agrifood, automobiles, aeronautics, energy, etc.

But water is a limited resource, as a result of conservation laws and the water cycle itself.

To prevent water waste in industry, its use has to be optimized

Our expertise in industrial water treatment provides a response to the natural incompatibility between water and the metal that makes up hydraulic systems (closed hot and cold circuits, cooling towers, steam boilers, geothermal energy, district heating systems, etc.), which squander water, as well as energy, carbon and productivity.

To prevent the scale-forming and corrosive properties of water from unbalancing, slowing or damaging industrial circuits, water needs to be treated.

Untreated water leads to circuits that consume more energy and generate more waste, because it takes more water to achieve the same result as treated water.

Ethical water performance

In response to this industrial challenge, the teams at ODYSSEE Environnement offer ethical performance, capable of reducing the mark of humankind on water and the environment as much as possible.

Hydroethics means decreasing the consumption of water and power by industrial circuits, without compromising on productivity. In short, it achieves savings for both manufacturers and the planet.

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For the overall performance of water systems, ODYSSEE’s hydroethicists have developed comprehensive ranges of preventive and targeted products, along with monitoring solutions.

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