Oversee and secure your water networks in real time

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ODYSECURE was designed to adapt to
any type of water circuit, regardless of
which brand of sensors you use

This solution includes:

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A control module

A plug-and-play control module
that connects to the network

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Management software

Software dedicated to managing
ODYSECURE, configured on site by
an ODYSSEE hydroethicist

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ODYSSEE support

Support and advice from ODYSSEE’s

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An immediately operational solution

Installation and configuration of the solution on the existing circuit, with no adjustments required in advance

Analysis of the entire circuit, to anticipate any situations that could lead to the risk of a production shutdown or a crisis (growth of legionella bacteria, etc.)

Real-time guarantee of your system’s compliance with regulatory standards

Operational assessment of the system, for customized optimization

Automated calculation of the quantity of additional treatment actives required. The system only uses what it needs


ODYSECURE meets manufacturers’
performance requirements
as well as environmental needs

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Reduced water usage
by the facility

A correctly treated network consumes less water
and yields results that are at least as strong

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Reduced power usage
by the network

Optimized circuits run on
less energy

Adjusted use of active substances

The dosage is calculated with the degree of accuracy
required by the system

Made-to-measure maintenance

This guarantees the infrastructure will function smoothly
in the long run

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    Our experts have the answers

    The ODYBOX data acquisition unit can retrieve 8 analog inputs (dry contact) and 8 digital inputs (4-20 mA) per installed ODYBOX (multiple ODYBOX can be installed), as well as from Modbus RTUs (model RS-485) and IoT devices.

    Yes, the ODYSECURE monitoring system lets you set up the transmission of automated reports (weekly, monthly and annual reports).

    The process of adding an analog sensor (dry contact) or a digital sensor (4-20 mA) is made easier by the use of an HMI (human-machine interface). Any of our hydroethicists can install and configure a new sensor during a visit to your site.