Zero-defect, geothermal hot water

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Where does the hot water used for
geothermal energy
come from?


Water is collected

deep down inside naturally hot ground-water reserves


It is run through an exchanger

that recovers its calories


It is then used to heat

buildings or supply heat to industrial sites


Finally, it is reinjected

into the place from which it was extracted

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Why treat
geothermal water?

Whether it comes from a high-enthalpy well or a low- to medium-temperature well, geothermal water is highly corrosive and very scale-forming in water networks, requiring appropriate treatment.

  • Hot water from low- to medium-temperature wells has a particularly elevated load of bacteria and scale, which causes damage to operating facilities. Its corrosive properties complicate its use.
  • Water from high-enthalpy sites (over 150°C / 300°F) is even more laden, especially with sodium, limescale, lithium and lead (at levels 10 times higher than those found in seawater).

A comprehensive ODYSSEE solution

Without intervention, geothermal water is not compatible with operating infrastructure.
Knowledge of infrastructure properties allows for the optimization of its management
and the extension of system lifespans. Geothermal network maintenance relies on
a range of dedicated solutions.

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The phosphate-free geothermal water treatment range that has multiple certifications* and is compatible with high enthalpy

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The first 100% biosourced scale inhibitor
A scale inhibitor that is compatible with low- to medium-temperature circuits

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