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Training is one of our core pledges aimed at achieving ethical water performance.

We continuously train our staff, as well as our partners and clients, on the latest solutions we offer but also, more generally, on the issues surrounding water performance.

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Strong water performance in networks necessarily involves a mastery of the challenges surrounding that resource, not only from an industrial point of view but also with regard to regulations and the environment.

ODYSSEE offers our clients and partners a variety of training options on the different issues related to water in industry.

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For the ODYSSEE Team network, which includes international distributors of ODYSSEE’s solutions, the Academy has developed a special program.

That program aims to give members of the network access to all of the information they need about the results and benefits of ODYSSEE’s solutions.

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Continuing education for ODYSSEE’s teams helps our hydroethicists master all of the latest technical developments and innovations in water treatment.

This strategy puts them in a position to go out into the field and recommend the most hydroethical solutions.

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ODYSSEE Academy offers training at its facility in Tremblay, outside Paris, as well as at all of the company’s locations.

In addition, ODYSSEE’s teams can travel to partners’ sites or even offer remote training.