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ODYSSEE Environnement, around the world thanks to ODYSSEE Team

ODYSSEE Team is made up of our export teams, training teams and distributors of ODYSSEE solutions, all across the globe. We aim to make our products and innovations available to any manufacturers that want to control and reduce their water footprints. To meet this challenge, teamwork is required.

International knowledge of
water issues

ODYSSEE’s presence in more than 30 countries gives us
advanced knowledge of the challenges associated with water
and its industrial use around the world.

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This use continues to climb. For example, industrial demand for water is expected to increase by 255% in Africa between 2010 and 2050. That same figure is estimated at a 140% rise in Asia and 51% in South America.

Source: Vie-publique.fr

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ODYSSEE Team, the network committed to ethical water performance

ODYSSEE is here to accompany anyone out in the field who shares our vision and our convictions with regard to industrial water treatment.

Our goal is to forge strong, long-term partnerships for the widest possible dissemination of our hydroethical innovations, which are effective alternatives to conventional solutions.

ODYSSEE Team, the network committed to
ethical water performance

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A comprehensive training program, covering ODYSSEE’s solutions and the importance of ethical water performance (initial and ongoing training)

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A dedicated point of contact and continuous technical support

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Turnkey admission to the network: provision of sales and marketing tools (performance calculator, case studies, etc.)

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Previews of ODYSSEE innovations