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ODYSSEE Environnement’s hydroethicists are here to assist you

ODYSSEE supports manufacturers and operators by developing preventive and corrective solutions. Our goal is to restore water quality and reduce its usage.

Our extensive expertise in managing industrial water circuits, from their infrastructure to optimizing their water consumption levels, makes ODYSSEE a preferred partner for every step related to the use of water for industrial purposes.

ODYSSEE’s hydroethicists put all their experience and know-how to work for you, guaranteeing the optimal performance of your system, while minimizing your water and environmental footprints.

ODYSSEE works on all kinds
of networks

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Closed hot /
cold circuits

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Cooling towers

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Steam boiler

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Process water

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hot water

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Treatment plants

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Geothermal energy

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Our on-site services

  • Anticipating network disruptions that are naturally caused by water
  • Servicing systems with our ranges of targeted products
  • Equipping sites with appropriate equipment
  • Overseeing and securing the site continuously, using the ODYSECURE solution to guarantee site safety, network performance and a controlled water footprint
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Our comprehensive support

  • Needs analysis
  • Design
  • Activation
  • Technical support
  • Regulatory monitoring and compliance

We get paid out of the
savings we help you achieve.
Never more, often less.

Our comprehensive support


We define your priorities together

Pricing, performance, safety, sustainable solutions and industrial footprint


We bring stakeholders together

Purchasing, operator, QHSE, etc.


We think ahead with you

To boost your benefits


We set targets

In the contracts created for our solutions