Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, France

3 cooling towers

The addition of ODYREF A56 to a biocidal treatment program controls the risk of legionella, while respecting Florette’s environmental commitments.

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3 cooling towers Evapco
Make-up water Mixed softened water
Power 4310 kW
Consumption 22,000 m3 (5.8 million gallons)/year

Client challenge

The company Florette is constantly in pursuit of improved performance, effectiveness and quality.

The application of innovative solutions is one of the strategies for progress that Florette applies at its facilities.

When Florette wanted to optimize its fight against legionella, it looked to the high-quality solution offered by ODYSSEE Environnement:

• Reduced use of biocides

• Phosphate-free

• Legionella control.

ODYSSEE’s solution

Implementation of ODYREF A56, a concentrated product with multiple benefits:

• Cleaning effect

• Excellent anti-corrosion protection

• Scale-inhibiting effect

• Reinforced biodispersing effect

• Competitive pricing and low doses.


No legionella contamination

Just one issue of analytical non-compliance out of 123 tests performed (non-compliance due to the presence of interfering flora)

Customer satisfaction

100% over the last three years

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