100% aligned with the client’s request

“Using ODYVAP VA30 has helped us get ahead of the competition, while maintaining a high-performance technical and economic balance.”

Director of Production at the site



Eyolles (88)

Contact at ODYSSEE

Rémi Bergez

Type of system

Stein Energie (Viessmann)
steam boilers
Production: 15,500 lb/hr
Pressure: 12.8 bar
Vapor pressure: 18 bar

Pharmaceutical industry

Manufacturing & packaging
Food-grade cardboard

Client challenge

DS Smith wanted to treat its steam boiler using a product that would protect all of its components (tank, boiler, steam lines, etc.), even with the steam being directly reinjected into the boiler (almost 100% recovered condensate).

The Quality Department also asked for the product to be NSF-certified.

ODYSSEE’s solution

ODYVAP VA30 is a specialized biodegradable product with NSF G6 certification (all food contact).

ODYVAP VA30 is injected into a boiler’s feed water tank to provide complete protection for the tank, the boiler and the condensate return lines).

ODYVAP VA30 eliminates the need to manage the recovered condensate: the injections are proportional to the softened make-up water.

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