Our activities for a comprehensive approach to water usage in industry

To meet the different challenges surrounding water management in industry, the optimization of process water circuits, the reuse of post-production water, and discharge issues, ODYSSEE Environnement’s expertise is organized in three complementary business activities.

ODYSSEE’s teams of hydroethicists are here for you.

Our activities

Export & Distribution

Known for their effectiveness and reliability, ODYSSEE’s solutions are distributed worldwide via the ODYSSEE Team network. Our partners out in the field are trained on setting up our product innovations. And ODYSSEE’s teams are available to help them, every step of the way.

Innovation & Production

The quest for ever more principled water treatment solutions is a core expertise at ODYSSEE. Every year, 6-7% of our revenue is earmarked for R&D, which keeps us a step ahead of the rest of the market by offering solutions like ODYLIFE, the first 100% biosourced scale inhibitor, and the fifth generation of film-forming amines, capable of neutralizing the corrosive properties of water. We can also make formulas tailored to your needs. To further improve the impact of these solutions, especially with regard to energy savings, ODYSSEE uses monitoring tools like ODYSECURE.


Training is one of our core pledges aimed at achieving ethical water performance. We train our partners and their sales team by holding seminars around the world, covering topics like our latest solutions and our tools, but also more general subjects like water performance challenges and our vision of hydroethics.


ODYSSEE Environnement is very attentive to the quality of the solutions and services we offer to our distribution partners. We are ISO 9001-certified, proof of our commitment to our partners and of our desire to continuously improve in order to meet their expectations.