Turnkey solutions that make all the difference

For more than 15 years now, ODYSSEE’s teams have been innovating to create the most environmentally advanced water treatment solutions that incorporate alternative active ingredients to petrochemicals.

Today’s biggest challenges in treating water circuits can be resolved by ODYSSEE solutions.

Combating metal corrosion : Film-forming amines

To neutralize the corrosive properties of water, ODYSSEE developed the technology of film-forming amines. Instead of acting on the water itself, they attach to the walls of the circuit to protect it in the long term, without affecting the water.

Today, ODYSSEE offers its fifth generation of this disruptive solution. Functioning as an anti-corrosion barrier, it protects all of a circuit’s surfaces without affecting the water running through it.

Combating scaling :  ODYLIFE

Scale slows water circulation, prevents heat transfers and damages materials.

ODYLIFE, a 100% biosourced product, provides a simple alternative capable of replacing conventional scale inhibitors made from polyacrylates or phosphates. This solution is unlike any other in the world, bears the Solar Impulse label and delivers superior results.

Combating bacterial risks : A complete treatment process

To prevent the systematic use of biocides, which can be extremely harmful to the ecosystem, ODYSSEE has developed innovative processes that use a mix of several products :

the ODYZYME range, with its extremely powerful biodispersing agent that attacks the network’s bacterial load, and ODYZONE, which purifies water by producing the right amount of ozone in situ.

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