Working on at-risk industrial circuits

Bacterial threats, reduced output, malfunctions and more: in our business, some situations demand solutions that produce immediate, effective results.

ODYSSEE has exclusive active ingredients that blend technical effectiveness with environmental performance.

Disinfecting water networks to prevent Legionnaires’ disease

Regulations set out strict rules to combat the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. In the event of contamination, decisions and corrective actions must not be taken lightly, as the network’s operations as a whole are often at stake.

For these urgent situations, ODYSSEE has a whole range of active ingredients designed to eradicate the bacterial risk, as well as comprehensive solutions for bringing the system back into compliance once the crisis is over.

Declogging water circuits

Sludge naturally develops in circuits that contain hard water, especially in the case of hot water. It can quickly obstruct pipes and cause malfunctions or even lead to the shutdown of whole systems.

For an emergency declogging of water circuits, ODYSSEE’s expertise can be put to work in the form of a range of cleaning solutions that take immediate effect.

Restoring lost productivity

Loss of output, increased energy and water consumption and fouled filters are important indicators of lost equipment productivity that should not be ignored.

ODYSSEE’s ranges of solutions provide responses tailored to the weaknesses identified in a network and to expert assessments, for a deep cleaning of water circuits and the restoration of lost productivity.

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