Hydroethics, in the service of industry and the environment

Now more than ever, an infrastructure’s environmental footprint is a factor in its performance.

ODYSSEE has defined three pillars for reconciling industry with the environment: a comprehensive approach to performance, continuous innovation for increasingly principled treatment alternatives, and simple, immediately operational solutions.


The climate crisis and the challenges related to water resources are continuously and increasingly affecting standards and regulations.

Being a clean, eco-friendly industry is no longer a choice. ODYSSEE has been responding to these challenges for more than 15 years by offering the most environmentally advanced, comprehensive solutions for achieving ethical water performance.


Our R&D strategy aims to continuously develop processes and alternative solutions to petrochemical agents, in favor of sustainable, environmentally responsible industrial water treatment.

Each year, more than 6% of our revenue goes to our research and development center. We believe that research and innovation, combined with performance, provide the best strategy for bringing about an ecological transition of industry.


The best proof of our solutions’ effectiveness is an evaluation of our treated networks’ consumption and performance levels:

  • Energy savings achieved
  • Tracking of the activity’s water consumption
  • Evaluation of the carbon footprints of the solutions we deploy.

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