Hydroethics, an economical, ecological approach

A comprehensive strategy for treating water systems allows us to suggest the best solutions for each site and each company.

An appropriate solution can reduce water and power usage without comprising on results or environmental protection.


A single millimeter of scale on the walls of a water circuit can lead to a 7.5% increase in the energy consumed by a piece of equipment ! Correctly treated water in a steam boiler can reduce the number of purges needed and, as a result, the quantity of water that it consumes.

These positive effects, which are very familiar to our hydroethicists, demonstrate the twofold interest of our comprehensive approach to performance.


Because the water that circulates through industrial networks needs to be beyond reproach, each and every day, we are always here for you.

Joining the ODYSSEE Team network also provides an assurance of daily technical support for maximizing the results of ODYSSEE’s solutions.


ODYSSEE’s unique approach reduces the environment impact of water treatment on three levels:

  • Resources : the hydroethical approach decreases the consumption of natural resources (water, electricity and gas)
  • Biodiversity : our alternatives, developed using green chemistry, and our film-forming amines lower the percentage of petrochemical agents in the water and, consequently, their impact on biodiversity
  • Greenhouse gases : the way we source our raw materials and active ingredients, and the resulting reduction in transportation and energy consumption help to reduce the carbon footprint of water treatment.

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