Taking action to extend network operations in the long term

Untreated or improperly treated water can cause serious malfunctions at industrial sites.

ODYSSEE’s hydroethicists use their expertise, the targeted agents in their cleaning range and their corrective solutions to take fast action on affected sites, in order to get them back up and running and extend network operations in the long term.

Descaling actions

The presence of scale in a water network prevents heat exchanges. 

When 1 mm of scale has built up on the surface of a pipe, the circuit will consume an estimated 7.5% more energy. When the layer of scale reaches 12 mm, that means 70% more energy will be consumed.

If nothing is done to fix this, scale can completely obstruct the pipe, leading to serious damage to the circuit.

Deoxidizing solutions

Rust is a natural phenomenon that occurs when metal is oxidized or corroded (oxidation and corrosion refer to the same reaction). If nothing is done to remedy the situation, the metal will gradually be eaten away, requiring the replacement of certain parts of the circuit.

5.5 tons of metal is destroyed every second by corrosion.

The treatments offered by ODYSSEE can eliminate the effects of oxidation and protect the metal, to extend its risk-free use.

Cleaning range

Loss of output, increased energy consumption and fouled filters are all signs that your water circuits are in need of a deep cleaning.

Our cleaning range includes solutions suitable for any site, whether it involves a steam boiler, a cooling tower, a semi-open circuit, a closed circuit, domestic hot water, or anything else.

We have developed special products for water treatment plants, using coagulants and flocculants to continuously clean each site.

Biocidal solutions

When a health risk is identified (development of legionella, spread of bacteria, etc.), our hydroethicists deploy our biocidal agents.

Treatments dedicated to your activities

In support of manufacturers, operators and the service sector, we have spent more than 15 years developing dedicated solutions for certain business activities that use water for specific purposes.

The ODYSSEE commitment : A solution for every site

A detailed, customized comprehensive solution is available for every industrial water circuit. That solution will include scale-inhibiting, anti-corrosion, biocidal and biodispersing agents, dosed according to the circuits’ specific needs.

Network operations are optimized to allow each circuit to achieve the best possible industrial performance level, while conserving water and the environment.

  • Closed hot and cold circuits
  • Cooling towers
  • District heating systems (DHSs)
  • Medium- and high-temperature geothermal sites
  • Steam boilers (ODYSSEE’s solutions provide for complete compliance with legislation on food-grade steam)
  • Domestic hot water (ODYSSEE adheres to the requirements of Directive 80/778/EEC relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption and guarantees the prevention of any risk of legionella)

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