Optimizing network performance for the long term

To anticipate the network disruptions that are naturally caused by water, ODYSSEE’s hydroethicists developed a series of active ingredients that prevent issues associated with process water and that optimize network performance for the long term.

The goal is to:

• Prevent any scale-related problems that diminish heat exchanges

• Take action to combat corrosion, which accelerates system wear and tear

• Eliminate all bacterial risks, to ensure that networks operate at peak performance levels

Our innovations

Inhibiting scale formation

Scale inhibition for optimal heat exchanges. A patented innovation, ODYLIFE is the first biosourced scale inhibitor, which guarantees optimal heat exchanges in the circuit, with no environmental impact.

Scale inhibition, so the minerals in the water don’t prevent reverse-osmosis units from functioning correctly. ODYSSEE makes scale inhibitors using our patented, biosourced ODYLIFE technology.

Preventing corrosion

Anti-corrosion properties to extend the life of each circuit. ODYSSEE’s fifth-generation film-forming amines attach to the walls of water circuits, protecting them from corrosion and, as a result, significantly extending the lifespan of the system.

This ODYSSEE innovation is biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Anticipating other risks to water circuits

Antifreeze protection. So low temperatures won’t affect a circuit’s operations.

Our targeted solutions

To solve manufacturers’ and operators’ specific issues, we have developed corrective solutions to restore damaged water circuits, as well as other dedicated solutions.

Guaranteeing bacteriologically safe water networks

Biodispersants that act on the biofilm that is present on the walls of a network and that is home to the majority of bacteria. They are more environmentally friendly and also reduce the use of biocides by 30-50% and save at least 10% on the total budget.

Biocides to prevent any bacteria-related problems. ODYSSEE’s hydroethicists offer biocides that are tailored to each network, a necessity for ensuring network safety.

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The ODYSSEE commitment: A solution for every site

A detailed, customized comprehensive solution is available for every industrial water circuit. That solution will include scale-inhibiting, anti-corrosion, biocidal and biodispersing agents, dosed according to the circuits’ specific needs.

Network operations are optimized to allow each circuit to achieve the best possible industrial performance level, while conserving water and the environment.

  • Closed hot and cold circuits
  • Cooling towers
  • District heating systems (DHSs)
  • Medium- and high-temperature geothermal sites
  • Steam boilers (ODYSSEE’s solutions provide for complete compliance with legislation on food-grade steam)
  • Domestic hot water (ODYSSEE adheres to the requirements of Directive 80/778/EEC relating to the quality of water intended for human consumption and guarantees the prevention of any risk of legionella)

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The performance levels offered by ODYSSEE are linked to issues related to water, carbon, energy and environmental footprints, etc.

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