Taking action for ethical water performance

Yes, there is a water treatment that promises savings for manufacturers and the planet!

Hydroethics is all about inventing and manufacturing comprehensive solutions that both serve industrial excellence and help conserve water.

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Take action in urgent situations (scale, corrosion, sludge, disinfection, etc.)

Bacterial threats, reduced output, malfunctions and more: solutions are available to remedy these alarming situations.Our hydroethical approach can be adapted to any industrial facility.

Reduce your water and power usage

You can use fewer resources without compromising on productivity, thanks to ODYSSEE’s solutions.

Make your systems safe through digitalization

Combined with our traditional water treatment and pre-treatment technologies, the information technologies developed by ODYSSEE Environnement (ODYSECURE, ODYSCOPE, etc.) make it possible to monitor, optimize and ensure the safety of your systems.

An ethical approach to water resources

ODYSSEE reconciles industrial excellence with energy conservation and environmental footprints. How do we do that ?

By offering solutions that allow manufacturers to meet their performance targets while conserving water. In other words, our solutions can reduce the water footprint of industry as a whole, resulting in savings for both manufacturers and the planet. That is the essence of hydroethics.

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ODYSSEE Team is an international distribution network made up of distribution partners that sell ODYSSEE solutions around the world.

Take an active role in leading change, thanks to ODYSSEE’s latest innovations in industrial water treatment.

Solutions for every possible application

Closed hot/cold circuits

Cooling towers

Steam boilers

Process water

Domestic hot water

Water treatment plants

Geothermal energy


Hydroethics is an approach to water resources. It also stands for strong values that define our commitment to you.

Turning the page on petrochemicals

An innovation developed and exclusively offered by ODYSSEE

ODYLIFE is the first 100% biosourced scale inhibitor.

It is concrete proof that it is possible to achieve sustainable, truly green industrial water treatment without using petrochemicals.

After 11 years of research and development, ODYSSEE can now offer this unique alternative, which is both effective and sustainable, and which delivers superior performance compared to an equivalent dose of petrochemical-based products.

Our solutions in use

Hydroethics is a sustainable, effective and profitable approach to water treatment. Take an active role in effecting lasting change in how industry manages water.

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