50+% reduction in water usage – 100% cleaning effect

ODYREF A91, a simple, complete solution that provides high-performance anti-corrosion protection, combined with highly effective dispersant cleaning power.



Starch mill, Marne, France

Contact at ODYSSEE

Type of system

Open cooling tower

GEA – 3159 kW

System volume: 3,700 gallons

Agrifood industry

3rd biggest European player in the starch & sugar sector

Client challenge

After changing its production techniques, the plant’s water loop had switched to reverse-osmosis water, so the client no longer had any raw water in direct proximity to its cooling towers.

The solutions under consideration were either to create a new insulated, traced raw water distribution line, installed overhead and over a long distance (approx. 2,300 ft), or to find a technique for feeding the reverse-osmosis water into the towers.

ODYSSEE’s solution

ODYREF A91 is perfectly suited to semi-open circuits containing aluminum and galvanized steel and supplied strictly with softened and/or reverse-osmosis water.

The inhibitors used in ODYREF A91’s formulation protect the walls through the adsorption of a monomolecular film, which makes it possible to avoid any contact between the water and the metal surfaces of the system, with a single point of injection and without disrupting the heat exchanges.

In short, ODYSSEE’s solution made it possible to:

  • Significantly increase concentrations from 3 to 5-6, without however going as high as 10-11 (most likely due to clogging by the load air)
  • Reduce water consumption by 50%, from 3.5 million gallons over 110 days to 2.1 million gallons over 140 days of operations
  • Control the risk of legionella
  • Implement an immediate solution requiring no construction work
  • Eliminate a risky chemical process that regulated water pH levels through acidification (H2SO4)
  • Achieve a clean tower, thanks to a combination of reverse-osmosis make-up water and treatment with ODYREF A91 that eliminates deposits
  • Maintain good anti-corrosion protection.