2.9% reduction in gas usage

Film-forming amines yield significant gas and water savings, thanks to a decrease in purges and improved heat exchanges.



Factory near Lyon, France

Contact at ODYSSEE

Type of system

Steam boiler: 5 t/hr – 10 bar

Softened make-up water

Textile industry

Industrial laundry

Client challenge

On a quest for energy gains, the client conducted a comprehensive study of the energy efficiency of its entire steam boiler room.

The client was prepared to carry out a global study of its consumption levels (all sources combined) in order to bring them into alignment with its production.

That work was performed over several years.

ODYSSEE Environnement directed the client to a simple and efficient solution that would meet its needs :

A 100% organic treatment made with film-forming amines.

Solution ODYSSEE

ODYVAP VA40A is injected into a boiler’s feed water tank to provide complete protection for the tank, the boiler and the condensate return lines.

ODYVAP VA40A eliminates the need to manage the recovered condensate: the injections are proportional to the softened make-up water.

ODYVAP VA40A was injected with no modifications other than a simple change in treatment product.

In conclusion

ODYSSEE’s solution made it possible to cut the system’s costs by: 1.5% for water consumption and 2.9% for gas.

This represents a 1.9% estimated total-factory cost reduction for gas.

  • 2010: PO4/SO3 treatment
  • 2011: PO4/SO3 treatment
  • 2012: Film-forming amine treatment in the 2nd half of the year