8.7% reduction in gas usage

ODYVAP VA30 not only protects systems against corrosion but also reduces water usage by decreasing the need for purges and gas usage by offering a better heat exchange.



Industrial food plant – International group

Sarthe, France

Contact at ODYSSEE

Type of system

2 steam boilers: Stein (3.3 t/hr) and Secat (4.4 t/hr)

Gas consumption: 1.2 million cu.ft./year

Softened make-up water: 555,000 gallons/year

Agrifood industry

Wholly dedicated to the food service market

Client challenge

As part of a continuous improvement process launched in 2010, the client is always looking for eco-responsible solutions.

Engaged in a sustainable development strategy, the client requested proposals for solutions that could help optimize its processes in a way that aligned with its corporate values, includinga reduction in water and energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

ODYSSEE’s solution

A water and energy efficiency study of the systems led to the choice of our ODYVAP VA30 solution, a specialized, biodegradable product with NSF G6 certification (all food contact).

In addition, because ODYVAP VA30 is 100% organic (based on film-forming amines), it is phosphate-free and an effective means of combating eutrophication in aquatic environments.

ODYVAP VA30 is easy to use and requires no investment outlay.


Thanks to our attentiveness to the needs of our clients, who are looking for rigor and transparency, the set-up of our ODYSECURE management system makes it possible to verify, improve and reduce consumption levels to the strict minimum.


Implementation of the ODYSSEE solution in 2018 immediately achieved substantial reductions that materialized in 2019:

  • Water consumption: -9.2% 
  • Gas consumption: -8.7%.