A word from ODYSSEE

ODYCLEAR significantly reduces the presence of iron oxide and suspended matter, in just a few weeks.



Dijon (21), France

Type of system

Reversible hot/cold

network with a

heat pump

Materials :

Steel, copper and brass (no aluminum)

Total estimated volume

800-1000 gallons

76 chambers

64 fan coils spread over 4 stories

Client challenge

Due to an absence of preventive treatments, the change-over circuit got clogged very quickly, to the point of completely blocking the fan coils.

In response to complaints from its guests and the high cost of labor, the hotel decided to bring in ODYSSEE.

ODYSSEE’s solution

Step 1

Injection of ODYS NR1
Circulation for 24 hours

Step 2

Application of ODYCLEAR at a lower point, close to the heat pump, upstream/downstream from the circulation pump.

Step 3

Analytical testing until conclusive clarification was achieved, followed by the injection of ODYTHERM IF570.

Changes to the water in the circuit