A word from ODYSSEE

Two years after its activation, a closed network at a shopping mall was suffering from corrosion and threatening to give way.

With the help of our client (the site’s operator), ODYSSEE Environnement’s hydroethical approach allowed us to bring a system that had gotten off course back into compliance.

Result: 99% of iron oxide was eliminated.



Saisons de Meaux
Floor space: 323,000 sq.ft.
More than 100 stores


Dry cooling HVAC system
System volume: 3,900 gallons
Installed on the roof
Metals used: Steel and copper
Make-up water: Softened water
Antifreeze protection

ODYSSEE product

Challenge client

In under 2 years, corrosion had progressed within the mall’s closed network until it reached the maximum limits:

  • More than 99 ppm of iron and a safety valve that eventually gave way, requiring an urgent repair.

ODYSSEE’s solution

A non-compliant system can soon drift off course. Whether it is old or new, good practices must be followed, in order to protect against premature deterioration.

When taking charge of a network, a complete inspection is needed, including a water analysis in conjunction with a study of the facility.

Given the situation, we brought in our service technicians, who performed emergency repairs.

Rehabilitation work

It was difficult to perform the work, due to the equipment’s rooftop installation and non-portability. However, quality service carried out in perfect collaboration with the operator allowed us to successfully unblock the network, thanks to extraordinary logistical coordination.

  • Drainage and gentle declogging, thanks to ODYTHERM IF550M
  • Post-cleaning inspection
  • Gradual injection of ODYTHERM FS510, according to a switchover protocol designed in combination with in-line ODYNET filters

We opted to definitively stop using products with a base of phosphate, an active ingredient that prevents corrosion and scaling, but also serves as a nutrient for bacteria, which are a source of corrosion.

Benefits of ODYTHERM FS510

A phosphate-free formula containing only organic active agents (film-forming amines).

  • Very stable at high temperatures
  • No risk of precipitation
  • Cleaning effect
  • Excellent protection against corrosion for all metals, including aluminum and aluminum alloy
  • Improved energy performance
  • Competitive pricing and low doses
  • Easy-to-use, thanks to the field kit
  • Biodegradable with low toxicity

Next, the network will be placed under permanent, enhanced antifreeze protection.