Ethical water performance over miles of network

1.3 million gallons of water for an average city and thousands of miles of pipes in France. District heating systems (DHSs) have impressive infrastructure. They provide comfort to millions of homes.

To guarantee their performance and the achievement of their targets, these highly unique water systems demand great treatment expertise.

What are the challenges involved in treating DHSs?

Clogs, corrosion and scaling are the three most sensitive parameters that need to be monitored along the entire length of the system, in order to ensure:

  • the proper management of heat production units
  • optimal water quality throughout the system
  • excellent thermal conductivity.

A complete range of solutions

Like all ODYSSEE solutions, the range dedicated to DHSs is phosphate-free and prioritizes the use of organic active agents.

  • ODYCLEAR filters: technology that cleans the water continuously and independently, unlike conventional magnetic filters
  • Declogging agents: real allies for filters, these active ingredients resuspend particles and simplify filtering
  • Film-forming amines: protect against corrosion and neutralize the spread of bacteria by improving surface conditions. Unlike conventional agents, they are bacteriostatic, meaning they do not contribute to the expansion of bacterial strains.

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